12 Weeks to Build Your Skills!

Sales and Management are 2 key components of a business. Whether you are a business owner and need to build these skills, have a team that needs training, or aspire to hold these roles with a company advancement opportunity ….Now Is The Time!

Each session consists of a :30 minute educational video taught by Brad Sugars the Founder of ActionCOACH watched prior to the weekly :60 minute coaching  session where we work on applying the learnings to your specific goals, offer accountability and unlock more individual potential.


10 Seats per course available!

ONLY $100 per week!

12 Week Sales Course
Start Date May 3rd 7:30a-8:30a
Every Wednesday same time
Online class via Zoom

We will inspire you, inform you and motivate you to be the best sales professional you can be. We will address your mindset, and strengthen beliefs to make you more successful.

We will break down the sales process into manageable parts, give you tools, scripts and tactics to address and overcome objections.

We will provide you insight on how to improve customer service and ultimately turn your prospects into clients and your clients into raving fans that will turn into a ready-made sales force for you. Sales isn’t a task, it is a process. We will help you develop systems that make it easier for customers to buy from you.

12 Week Management Course
Start Date May 4th 8:30a-9:30a
Every Thursday same time
Online class via Zoom


We will help you create streamlined and measurable systematic processes to help you manage teams and individuals in your organization. You will understand how systems establish consistency and ensure you are getting outcomes you need to move your business forward.

Great management means you are providing tools, communication, and continuing education to the members of your organization so they can be most productive. Setting expectations, goals and establishing consequences creates an environment focused on results and growth. Becoming a great manager means you can put yourself on the path to become a leader in the future.