How to Plan for a Successful New Year

Dec 5, 2022 | Blog

There are only a couple of weeks left in 2022, and before we know it, we’re ushering in a new year. To ensure your business gets off on the right foot, you should sit down with your team and plan for the year ahead. It doesn’t matter how successful you were the past year–2023 will come with new challenges, and you need to be ready for them.

Here are some of the top strategies businesses can use when planning for the year ahead. If your ultimate goal is to become the best in your field, these smaller goals can help get you there. 

Celebrate Your Successes and Acknowledge Your Failures

The best way to wrap up the year and prepare for the next is by reflecting on your successes and failures. It can send a very empowering message to employees when a leader highlights and celebrates the team’s wins. At the same time, it can be humbling to hear about low points and how your team can learn and move on from them.

Be Realistic With Your Goals

With the New Year comes a fresh surge of inspiration and motivation. While it can be tempting to set every dream into a business goal for your team, you might be setting yourself up for failure. It’s better to consider your limitations and be realistic with your goals. The last thing you want is to run yourself and your employees to the ground before you can tackle your long-term business goals. 

Include Good Health in the Plan

If the past couple of years has taught us anything, it’s the value of health. Business leaders are experts at making professional goals, but they often forget to prioritize mental and physical health. Burnout is a real issue in the workplace, and it’s about time leaders address it. Encourage your team members to prioritize their health and set a good example by living a well-balanced life. 

Get Your Team’s Input

Business leaders tend to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. But it’s crucial to involve your whole team if you want to build a complete plan for success. During the planning process, ask them if there are any opportunities they’d like to focus on and if there are issues that need attention. Share the company’s top goals for the year and ask them how they think it would be best to achieve them. You’d be surprised by how much valuable insight you can get from them. 

Be Willing to Give and Receive Feedback

Business leaders may think that employees don’t like constructive criticism, but that’s not the case. Employees crave feedback because it gives them a sense of purpose and direction. Younger ones, in particular, are all about self-improvement and are very open to it. At the same time, employees want to give their leaders feedback, so be willing to receive them. When everyone knows their strengths and weaknesses, you can build a more solid plan as a team. 

Be Flexible

Having a plan can help set your company up for success. However, not everything will go as planned, and you need to be okay with that. It’s more important that your team is flexible and can adjust to Plan B if Plan A doesn’t work out.


No matter how much your company has accomplished in 2022, there’s always room for growth and new learnings. With the right strategies, you and your team can plan for a more successful 2023. For more information, contact Action Coach Lincoln at 402-587-6329.