Speaking Topics and Titles

I am a business owner and coach. I have spent nearly the last 20 years of my life building businesses. I now own and run 4 successful businesses and I am passionate about helping others level up their business with the end goal of having a business that one day will work without them. By building a business that can run without the owner truly becomes an asset. This isn’t done without a team. You will see that I can speak on many topics with the end goal of adding value to those in the audience and they leave with practical takeaways that will improve their business, team, and life.

Speaking Categories

  • Business Principles- Mastery of Destination, Time, Financial
  • Health, Delivery, and Leveraged Systems and Team.
  • Customer Service
  • Goal Setting- Plan & Implement
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Success Sales, Leads, Conversion
  • Company Culture Transformation
  • Personal Development

Speaking Topics

  • How to Build a Strategic Business Plan…That You Will Actually Use!
  • Lead Your Business into Growth and Abundance
  • Define Your “Why”, Create Purpose, Vision, Direction to Build and Grow Your Businesses/Team
  • Top 5 Profit Boosters
  • Systemize Your Business for Growth
  • How to Compete on Value, Not Price
  • Developing Leaders in Your Organization
  • How to Run Multiple Businesses Successfully
  • Time Management & Productivity
  • Business – Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?
  • The Formula for Change
  • How to Build a Business That Works FOR You
  • 7 Killer Sales Questions
  • Setting Inspirational Goals: Why Start With Why?
  • 6 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow
  • “Break Up” with Bad Customers
  • The Formula For Success
  • 6 Keys to a Winning Team
  • How to Build a Business That You Can Sell
  • How to Build Leads Through Content Marketing
  • Mindset of Excellence