What Are The Best Business Resolutions to Make for 2023?

Dec 19, 2022 | Blog

We all like to make promises to ourselves at the start of each year, whether it’s to be healthier or start saving more. Businesses should take up the practice of creating New Year’s resolutions, too. It doesn’t matter how successful your year was–there’s always room for growth and improvement. 

Here are some of the best resolutions that both large and small businesses can work towards in 2023. They can keep your team on the right path as you navigate the challenges of the New Year.

Identify Gaps in Your Customer Service

People are more willing to keep supporting your brand and recommend you to others if you provide excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter how innovative or life-changing your products are if all your customers remember is how bad their experience was dealing with you. 

Identify the things that went well over the past year and keep building on those points. More importantly, pinpoint your greatest customer service mistakes and make a plan on how to resolve them.

Build Your Company Culture

Because people have been working from home for the past couple of years, it may have been more challenging for businesses to build a good company culture. Now that most employees are heading back to the office, it’s the perfect time to focus on creating an engaging and inspiring work environment for your team. Employees who feel respected and appreciated for their work are more productive and loyal.

Talk to your team about what improvements they would like to see within the company culture. You can then implement changes that reflect your business’s values.

Set Boundaries and Prevent Burnout

Because everyone’s well-rested after the holidays, the New Year can bring in a fresh surge of motivation. While it’s great to capitalize on this energy and encourage productivity, you should also set boundaries to prevent burnout. Working yourself and your team to the ground isn’t beneficial to anyone, and you’ll start to see its harmful effects a couple of months into the year.

Small businesses are especially susceptible to burnout because they’re usually understaffed. Make sure your plan for the year includes getting the help you need and giving everyone regular breaks. 

Take Advantage of Automation and Productivity Tools

Technology is getting more advanced by the day, and it can make work so much easier. If you’re still doing everything manually, it might be time to automate parts of your business, such as customer service, inventory management, and invoicing. When you automate your processes, there are fewer errors, and your team can focus on more complex tasks. 

Aside from tapping automation software, you can also take advantage of productivity tools. These can help you work smarter and remove some of the stress and pressure off your team.

Expand Your Network

Business owners have a lot on their plate, so they usually put networking on the back burner. But for 2023, you can make it your resolution to attend networking events and connect with fellow business owners and professionals in your field. 

When you work on expanding your network, you can find more leads, gain valuable insights about your industry, and build enduring relationships with partners. 


Before the year ends, take the time to make your New Year’s resolutions with your team. That way, you have a clear direction for 2023 and can create a better version of your business for your customers. For more information, contact Action Coach Lincoln at 402-587-6329.